David Warren

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David Warren

About David Warren

Evolving from both parents serving in WW2 and a Grandfather serving in both WW1 and WW2, a principal life-long interest in British Military History. A background as an educator and trainer in technical skills with a desire to communicate knowledge.


Battle for France 1940 (Dunkirk) and Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns.

Favourite Tour

Jointly, Dunkirk & Fortress Europe, Peninsular and Waterloo Tours.


Member of the Waterloo Association and The Battlefield Trust.

I Would Recommend

For WW2, Dunkirk & Fortress Europe and for those with a Napoleonic interest, Waterloo or The Peninsular War tour.

My Most Memorable Experience

Where five descendants of Dunkirk evacuees were on a recent tour. From their limited information I was able to provide a probable explanation of their relatives evacuation experience.

David Warren

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