Armistice Day

Visit the Remembrance Day commemorations on 11th November

Armistice Day Tours with Specialist Guides

Bringing an end to the fighting during WW1, Armistice Day took place on the 11th of November 1918, and saw the Allied make a truce with the Germans in Compiegne, France. The Armistice came into effect from 11am that day and from then on we have conducted acts of remembrance, during the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, each and every year. At Leger Holidays, we offer a collection of tours, allowing you to commemorate remembrance day at the famous sites where the brave men of World War 1 fought and gave their lives for our future. Join us in Mons, Flanders, Passchendaele or on the Somme for a unique and moving experience, as we visit the battlefields and pay our respects to these monumental events and remember the significance of Armistice Day.

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Armistice Day in Flanders

Armistice Day in Flanders

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Commemorate Armistice Day in Flanders along side one of our specialist guides. Visit the World War One battlefield sites located around Flanders,...

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