Panzers in Normandy

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About the tour: Panzers in Normandy

  • Campaign: World War 2 (WW2)
  • Campaign Dates Covered: Jun 1944 - Aug 1944

This tour will cover the following key events

  • Operation Overlord - 6 June 1944
    Commonly know as the D-Day Landings, Operation Overlord saw the successful invasion of the German occupied Western Europe druing WW2. The operation involed Allied troops landing on five beaches in Normandy and launching a surprise attack on the Germans.
  • Operation Epsom - 28 June 1944
    The purpose of the operation was to outwit the Germans and take control of the occupied city of Caen. Despite two days worth of fighting, in June 1944, securing the British a position on the River Odon, a powerful German counter attack saw the British withdraw.
  • Battle of Caen - 7 July 1944
    The battle of Caen saw the Anglo-Canadian troops attack the Germans in another attempt to gain control over the city of Caen. After an air strike and fierce battles faught over two days, on July the 9th Caen was in Allied hands.
  • Operation Goodwood - 18 July 1944
    Often reffered to as the largest tank battle in British history, the battle saw the Allied forces attempt to capture the rest of Caen. When the batte ended, Caen was free from German control but was mostly left in ruins.
  • Operation Bluecoat - 30 July 1944
    Part of the offensive in the Battle of Normandy, Operation Bluecoat was launched in the attempt to secure the road of Vire Junction and Mont Pincon.
  • Operation Totalise - 8 August 1944
    The operation saw Allied troops attempt to break through German defences to the south of Caen. The plan was to lure the German army into Falaise where the Allied forces could trap and attack them.
  • Battle of Falaise Pocket - 12 August 1944
    This battle was the decisive part of the Battle of Normandy. Falaise has gone down in history for being known as th place where a complete German army was wiped out during WW2. The Canadian, Polish, British and American armies trapped the Germany army in Falaise and launched a successful attack.

Tour Introduction

On this battlefield tour, we spend time in Normandy exploring the role of German and Allied Tanks in Wolrd War 2. We begin with a visit to the British D-Day beaches as we visit Gold Beach and Juno Beach before we take a look at the use of tanks inland post D-Day. We then head to Saumur where we see the spectacular French Tank Museum. Home to more than 880 tanks, you’ll discover that many of them were used in Normandy. As the tour comes to an end, we spend a day looking at the American use of armoured division and we start at Omaha Beach. We move onto La Cambe after a visit to the Omaha Beach museum.

Tour Includes

  • 4 nights hotel with continental breakfast
  • Specialist Battlefield guide
  • Convenient local joining points
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Tour Itinerary

For the 80th Anniversary Year of the Battle of Normandy, we are pleased to offer a new version of this popular tour examining armoured warfare from the beaches to the bocage, along with a visit the world renowned collection of tanks and armoured vehicles at Saumur.

Day 1

Local departure by coach, then to Normandy for a four-night stay.

Day 2 - Sword Beach to Bayeux

We begin our look at armoured warfare in Normandy on Sword Beach, examining the use of specialist tanks on the beaches, the run-in shoot of British gunners, and the advance to the Hillman Bunker system, where we visit this important strongpoint. We then look at the 21 Panzer Division counter-attack on D-Day and then move into the battlefield area around Caen looking at the Canadian armoured units which fought the tanks of 12 SS Panzer Division. Here we see the battlefields, the memorials and the Ardennes Abbey. After lunchtime in Bayeux, we look at the tanks on display here and then visit the German Cemetery at La Cambe to discuss Michael Wittmann who is buried here. Later we look at the armoured battles around Lingèvres and followed the Sherwood Rangers tanks on the battlefield around Tilly and Point 103.

Included meals: Breakfast

Churchill Tank at Bayeux

Churchill Tank at Bayeux (7)

Key Visits

  • Churchill Tank at Bayeux
  • Sword Beach
  • La Cambe
  • Hillman Bunker Site
  • Tilly War Cemetery
  • Ardennes Abbey

Day 3 - Saumur Tank Museum

A long but rewarding day as we travel south to visit the superb French Tank Museum at Saumur. This is France's main museum of armoured fighting vehicles and covers WWI to the present day. Among the more than 200 tanks found here, many were used in Normandy and among them are a Panther tank, Tiger I and Tiger II as well as Allied Churchills and Shermans. We have plenty of time to explore this rich collection before returning to Normandy.

Included meals: Breakfast

French Tank Museum, Saumur

French Tank Museum, Saumur (2)

Key Visits

  • French Tank Museum, Saumur

Day 4 - Operation Bluecoat to Breakout

This morning we follow the British armoured Brigades in Operation Bluecoat as they advanced through the Bocage countryside. We visit the isolated graves of two British tank commanders, see the Museum of the Piercing of the Bocage in St Martin, and examine the fighting at Hill 309 before visiting St Charles de Percy War Cemetery. After lunch, we look at the breakout from Caen following Operation Totalise, and the advance of the Canadian Worthington Force in August 1944. We walk some of the ground where Michael Wittmann’s final battle took place, visit the Bretteville Canadian War Cemetery and finish our tour at Vimoutiers to see the only Tiger tank remaining on the Normandy battlefields.

Included meals: Breakfast

Tiger Tank at Vimoutiers

Tiger Tank at Vimoutiers (4)

Key Visits

  • Tiger Tank at Vimoutiers
  • Cahagnes Isolated Grave
  • Museum of the Piercing of the Bocage
  • St Charles de Percy War Cemetery
  • Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery

Day 5

Return home.

Included meals: Breakfast

Entrance fees to museums, places of interest and optional excursions are at extra cost.

Pre-Tour Reading

A selection of related books for pre or post tour reading.

  • Badsey, Stephen - D-Day: Omaha Beach (History Press 2011)
  • Lefevre, E. - Panzers In Normandy: Then & Now (After The Battle 1983)
  • Reed, Paul - Walking D-Day: Battlefield Guidebook (Pen & Sword 2012)
  • Zaloga, Steven J. - Armoured Attack 1944 (Stackpole 2011)
  • Zaloga, Steven J. - Operation Cobra 1944 (Osprey 2001)

Passenger Information

The Tour

The Panzers in Normandy tour follows the story of Armoured Warfare in the Normandy campaign from D-Day through the Bocage to the breakout battles in Normandy. As part of it we will also visit the impressive collection of tanks at the Saumur Tank Museum.

Foreign Currency

The Panzers in Normandy tour takes place in France and therefore you will only need the Euro. You are advised to get Euros – in cash – in advance of your tour, as most banks in France do not provided currency exchange services.

What to Bring

The weather in Normandy can be changeable, and it is advisable to bring sensible clothes and always pack a jumper and waterproofs. Good, stout shoes are essential – remember this was once a battlefield and most of the time we are in rural France! Walking boots are ideal. In warm weather always bring a hat and sun cream, and it is advisable to have a supply of water.

Specialist Battlefield Guides

All of Leger’s battlefield tours are accompanied by specialist guides. Their individual in-depth knowledge of warfare will be informative, as well as enhance your overall experience, as they recreate a fascinating perception of the history and factual events of each battle. Discover the actual catalysts for war, the strategies employed and the final, inevitable outcomes, as well as experiencing the emotional human side of the front line.

Please note: On certain tours, you may get tour guides other that the ones listed below.

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You will stay for four nights at the 2-star Carline Caen, or the 3-star Ibis Falaise - Coeur de Normandie. 


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