19 October – 22 November 1914

WW1 - First Battle of Ypres

Following the halting of the German Army at the Marne in September 1914, the British Army dug in on the Aisne before moving northwards to Flanders to stem the tide of advance of the so-called ‘Race to the Sea’ as the German Army pushed towards the Channel Ports.

The Facts

  • Date: 19 October – 22 November 1914
  • Location: Ypres, Belgium
Countries Involved
United Kingdom
German Empire
Countries Commanders
John French
Joseph Joffre
Ferdinand Foch
Albert I
Erich von Falkenhayn
Albrecht of Württemberg
Rupprecht of Bavaria
Max von Fabeck
Alexander von Linsingen
Army size
Over 400,000 Over 500,000
Number of Casualties
Over 56,000 Over 46,000

Battle result: Indecisive

This became the First Battle of Ypres, October-November 1914, when the Germans were indeed stopped, but at high cost: more than 56,000 casualties to the British alone. For the Old Contemptibles this was the end to the regular army, and a change in the whole army as Territorial soldiers replaced regulars, just as they would be replaced by volunteers, who in turn would eventually be replaced by conscripts.

Langemark, October 1914

Langemark, October 1914

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