The Maginot Line

About the tour: The Maginot Line

  • Campaign: World War 2 (WW2)
  • Campaign Dates Covered: May 1940 - Jun 1940

This tour will cover the following key events

  • Battle of France begins - 10 May 1940
    Taking only 6 weeks, the Battle of France saw the Germans successfully invade and conquer France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.
  • Armistice at Compiegne - 22 June 1940
    In June 1940, Hitler arranged for an Armistice to be signed between Nazi officials and the French Third Republic. Hitler chose Compiegne Forest to be the location that the Armistace was signed, due to its role in the 1918 Armitice signing at the end of WW1. The Armistice gave Germnay occupation of Nothern and Western France, including all ports on the English Channel & Atlantic ocean.

Tour Introduction

In the 1930s The Maginot Line was built and it was considered one of the greatest systems of permanent fortifications ever built. It wasn’t until 1940, that it came under attack and on this tour we get a fascinating insight into the early stages of WW2. We look at the heavily fought over bunker systems from Overage Fermont to Villy la Ferté and Ouverage Hackenburg. We also combine the visits to these sites with trips to museums, a cemetery, and a chance to travel on an ammunition train.

Tour Includes

  • 4 nights hotel with continental breakfast
  • Specialist Battlefield Guide
  • Convenient local joining points
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Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Local departure by coach, then to the Liège area and our overnight hotel.

Day 2 - Eben Emael & Fort d’Aubin-Neufchâteau

We begin this fortifications tour in Belgium and see the 1930s Liege forts used to defend Belgium against the Blitzkrieg. We start at Eben Emael, assaulted by German Airborne troops in gliders; we have a full tour of the site here. After lunch we see the heavily fought over Fort d’Aubin-Neufchâteau, completely surrounded in May 1940; here we take a guided tour of the fort, seeing the extensive damage caused in 1940. We then travel through the Belgian Ardennes, scene of the Blitzkrieg in May 1940, and into France to our hotel were we stay for the next three nights.

Included meals: Breakfast

Fort d’Aubin-Neufchateau

Fort d’Aubin-Neufchâteau (3)

Key Visits

  • Eben Emael
  • Fort d’Aubin-Neufchâteau

Day 3 - Ouvrage Fermont & Villy la Ferté

Today we start our look at the Maginot Line at Ouvrage Fermont. This massive system of bunkers and tunnels came under attack in May 1940 and proved how strong the Maginot Line could be. We descend in the original lifts, travel on an old ammunition train and see the fighting bunkers during our morning’s guided tour of the site. In the afternoon we see Villy la Ferté, a smaller Maginot Line complex that saw heavy fighting in May 1940. The site has been left as it was, with anti-tank rails, barbed wire and bunkers showing wartime damage. We have a fully guided tour around one of the few Maginot sites that saw heavy fighting.

Included meals: Breakfast

Villy La Ferte

Villy La Ferté (3)

Key Visits

  • Villy La Ferté
  • Ouvrage Fermont

Day 4 - Ouvrage Immerhof & Ouvrage Hackenberg

We continue with our look at the classic Maginot Line locations with a visit to Ouvrage Immerhof. Sited in the Thionville sector, it was built in the early 1930s with an extensive system of infantry and combat bunkers. In an excellent state of preservation we spend the morning visiting the whole site, with 90 minute guided tour and also seeing the museum. In the afternoon we travel to Ouvrage Hackenberg. Set on high ground, this is the largest fortification on the whole Maginot Line and was one part of the line actually held by British troops in 1939/40. We spend two hours underground here seeing what a remarkable state of preservation the site is in, and seeing the many objects connected with the defence of this area. We continue our look at British troops in this area with a visit to the cemetery at Luttange, where the first British soldier killed in WW2 is buried.

Included meals: Breakfast

Ouvrage Hackenberg

Ouvrage Hackenberg (4)

Key Visits

  • Luttange
  • Ouvrage Immerhof
  • Ouvrage Hackenberg

Day 5

Return home.

Included meals: Breakfast

Please Note: The Maginot forts we visit on this tour are deep underground, can be cold and there are numerous steps, therefore this tour does involve some walking. Due to the large size of these forts visits typically take 90-120 minutes and are fully guided.

Specialist Battlefield Guides

All of Leger’s battlefield tours are accompanied by specialist guides. Their individual in-depth knowledge of warfare will be informative, as well as enhance your overall experience, as they recreate a fascinating perception of the history and factual events of each battle. Discover the actual catalysts for war, the strategies employed and the final, inevitable outcomes, as well as experiencing the emotional human side of the front line.

Please note: On certain tours, you may get tour guides other that the ones listed below.

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You will stay for three-nights at the 3-star Ibis Thionville Porte de Luxembourg in Yutz, near Thionville. 

Your overnight stay in Liège will be in a city-style hotel.

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