Fritz & Tommy – a View from Both Sides

About the tour: Fritz & Tommy – a View from Both Sides

  • Campaign: The Great War (WW1)
  • Campaign Dates Covered: Jul 1916 - Nov 1917

This tour will cover the following key events

  • Battle of the Somme - 1 July 1916
    One of the bloodiest battles of WW1, the Battle of the Somme saw the Britsh and French armies fight the Germans for five long months, with the aim to weaken the Germans and relieve the French Army who were fighting in Verdun.
  • Battle of Arras - 9 April 1917
    The WW1 battle saw the British achieve the longest advance since trench warfare began, as they attacked the German defences near Arras. The first day saw huge gains for the British, however as the battle went on, there was no breakthrough.
  • End of the Battle of Arras
    By the time the battle had ended, the British troops had managed to advance significantly but did not manage to achieve a breakthrough.
  • Battle of Messines - 7 June 1917
    Arguably one of the most successful operations of WW1 on the Western Front, the Battle of Messines saw nineteen mines being detonated underneath the German mines, in a bid to secure Messines Ridge.
  • Third Battle of Ypres - 31 July 1917
    Known as The Battle of Passchendaele, the Third Battle of Ypres began in July 1917 and was fought for four long months. The attack was Haig’s attempt to break through Flanders and take ground from the Germans.
  • Battle of Cambrai - 20 November 1917
    The Battle of Cambrai was faught in November/December 1917 and was the first major battle in which tanks were used on a large scale. A surprise attack was sprung and initially overwhelmed the German defences, however the Germans launched a major counterattack, evertually forcing the Britians to retreat.

Tour Introduction

Our World War 1, Fritz & Tommy tour not only gives us a view from both sides but, also to views from two guides, as one of our regular battlefield guides is joined by German military historian, Rob Schaefer. We take an in depth look at the experience of both the English and German soldiers during some of the key battles of the Great War. In Flanders we put a special focus on Messines and Passchendaele, and also spend time discussing the 1917 mining operations at Messines Ridge. At the Somme, we examine the bloody battle at both sides and visit Thiepval’s 1916 Museum and the German Memorial at Le Sars. We end the tour with visit to Arras & Cambrai, where we make a special reference to events that took place a century ago in 1917.

Tour Includes

  • 4 nights hotel with continental breakfast
  • Specialist Battlefield Guide
  • Convenient local joining points
  • Travel by Silver Service coach
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Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Local departure by coach, then to Belgium for a four-night stay.

Day 2 - Flanders

We look at the experience of both sides in Flanders, with special focus on Messines and Passchendaele. At Crest Farm we look at the terrible conditions here in 1917 and at Boesinghe see the new visitors' centre and preserved trench at Yorkshire Trench. After lunch at Hooge we travel down the Messines Ridge and look at the mining operations in 1917, ending the day at Menin German Cemetery.

Included meals: Breakfast

Messines Ridge

Messines Ridge, Ypres (4)

Key Visits

  • Messines Ridge, Ypres
  • Yorkshire Trench
  • Crest Farm
  • Boesinghe Visitors Centre
  • Menen German Cemetery

Day 3 - Somme

We travel down to the Somme battlefields examining this bloody battle from both sides. At Thiepval we visit the new 1916 Museum and examine the defence of the Schwaben Redoubt. After lunch we look at the fighting for Mametz Wood and High Wood, visiting a German Memorial at Le Sars.

Included meals: Breakfast

High Wood

High Wood (4)

Key Visits

  • Mametz Wood
  • High Wood
  • Thiepval Museum
  • Schwaben Redoubt
  • German Memorial at Le Sars

Day 4 - Arras & Cambrai

We start at Arras, looking at the fighting here in 1917. At Monchy le Preux we examine the new tactics used against Newfoundlanders, and look at the defences on the Hindenburg Line. After lunch we visit the Cambrai battlefields seeing Bourlon Wood, Canal du Nord and Flesquières Ridge looking at tank warfare

Included meals: Breakfast

British tank at Cambrai

British tank at Cambrai 1917 (3)

Key Visits

  • Cambrai
  • Monchy Le Preux
  • Bourlon Wood
  • Canal du Nord
  • Flesquieres Ridge

Day 5

Return home.

Included meals: Breakfast

Please note entrance fees to museums and places of interest are at extra cost. Museum package available whilst on tour approx. cost €35. 

Specialist Battlefield Guides

All of Leger’s battlefield tours are accompanied by specialist guides. Their individual in-depth knowledge of warfare will be informative, as well as enhance your overall experience, as they recreate a fascinating perception of the history and factual events of each battle. Discover the actual catalysts for war, the strategies employed and the final, inevitable outcomes, as well as experiencing the emotional human side of the front line.

Please note: On certain tours, you may get tour guides other that the ones listed below.

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You will stay for four nights at the 4-star Hotel Alize in Mouscron. The hotel does not have a restaurant, but snacks are available at the bar. There are also a number of restaurants and bars nearby. The hotel has a lift.


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